Now Available: Surviving Elite High: Senior Year

SEHSseniorYear23Surviving Elite High: Senior Year
Author: John H. Ames
Series: Surviving Elite High (The previous book, Surviving Elite High is available from Budding Moon Press.)
Genre: YA, GLBT, Gay Romance
Length: Novel
eISBN: 978-1-937796-25-9
MSRP: 7.99
You pay: 4.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

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And you thought last year was full of drama, suspense and romance? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

After a summer of love, hard work and…ahem…cohabitation, Nick and John are beginning their senior year. However, putting the memory of last year’s turbulent events at Elite High behind them proves harder than ever. Mysterious notes begin to appear inside John’s locker. Something is definitely wrong since the writer of the notes is none other than Matthew Ward, the homicidal student who nearly killed John. Is Matthew now free to finish what he started?

As if that weren’t bad enough, a new girl at school has an obsession with Nick that makes her do terrible things, things that threaten to tear Nick and John apart at every turn. Will Nick and John ever find happiness and stability together? Or will they end up going their separate ways?

All of these questions and more will be answered in part two of the Surviving Elite High saga!

Publisher’s note and advisory: Part one of the Surviving Elite High saga is available from Budding Moon Press. This novel contains a graphic rape scene (not between the romantic couple).


We laughed. Madison turned to me after noticing my mussed hair and tired face. “What happened to you? You look like you haven’t slept for the last three days.”

“Thanks to you.”

“Oh my God. Nick! I bet he tried everything on you.”

“Hell, no! Thank God. If he did, I’d be dead by now.”

They laughed. Kitty carefully hugged me while we walked to class. “He still hasn’t tried everything on you, John?”

“Sadly, no, Kitty.”

While Madison giggled her little ass off, Kitty continued. “I’d hate to be you right now because I know how wild Nick can be in bed.”

Madison and I froze almost immediately. A cold rush embraced my entire body and my stomach churned. Even my heart skipped a few beats when I turned into her direction. “What do you mean, Kitty?”

“I mean, from what I’ve heard.” Kitty looked nervous. It was one of the few times she ever looked that way. She broke her eye contact with me and looked around scratching her head. She looked apprehensive, but I shook the thought from my head. This was Kitty we were talking about, my sister.

“Okay,” I answered her.

Madison, however, kept examining Kitty’s sudden change of emotion. We continued down the hallway since we were really late for class. Madison turned to me as we neared the door. “Next time I’ll get you more stuff.”

I came to a sudden stop and rubbed my aching lower back. Was Madison crazy? I’d barely made it three nights and we had not tried all of the objects yet. “Madison, please don’t give Nick more weapons of mass destruction.”

They laughed their little hearts out even though I was dead serious. Nick and sex toys were a deadly combination. They each wrapped one arm around me and we continued with our journey to class.

For our first period, we had English Literature with Mrs. Arzu. She was a proud African-American woman in her late thirties. I loved the color of her dark brown skin unlike my pale white. I always wanted to have darker skin or be evenly tan like Nick. Genetics had screwed me over big time.

We found Nick waiting for us inside. He quickly stood and walked up to Madison, smiling. He wrapped one arm around her. “You’re the best did you know that? When I get married, you’ll be my best man.”

My skin went cold since that was the first time I heard Nick talking about marriage and a part of me loved the idea of marrying him.

Madison laughed and hugged him tight. “I can see that you liked my gifts.”

“I loved them.” With a peck on her cheek, Nick let go of her.

The girls giggled because they knew the truth.

Nick walked up to me and wrapped his arm around me. “Jaan loved them too. Right, Jaan?”

Jaan. The nickname Nick gave me last year. It means love in Hindi and sounds almost like ‘John’ but is pronounced with a flatter sound.

“Yes I did, Madison.” The girls tried their best to hold in their laughter by covering their mouths with their hands.

“Don’t get me wrong, Kitty,” Nick said. “We loved your gifts too. The apartment has never looked better. You’ll be Jaan’s maid of honor at our wedding.”

Kitty smiled happily. “Have you guys been talking about marriage?”

“No,” Nick sat down at his desk. “But, we can’t rule out the possibility.”

“That would be awesome!” Madison clapped her hands together. “Nick and I could go to a female strip club to watch the women shake their little butts while you guys go to a male strip club and watch the men shake their little buns of steel.”

“Yeah!” Nick shouted while he high-fived Madison.

We laughed. But when the moment passed, I was left feeling excited. I had never thought about marriage before, but as Nick stated, ‘we can’t rule it out the possibility.’ My heart skipped at the thought of marrying Nick. Can you imagine that? Me? John Hawking? That sounded a billion times cooler than Ames. I loved the way John Hawking sounded. I recited “John Hawking” around my head for a few seconds. It made me extremely happy.

Suddenly, Mrs. Arzu walked into the room. “Good morning class! Welcome to another exciting school year!” Everyone cheered. She motioned for us to settle down. “Now, everyone,” she went on, “I’m so glad to see you all in my class. I look forward to discussing fine literature with each and every one of you.” The class cheered again. Mrs. Arzu was obviously popular and known for her spirit-rousing speeches. I knew that from several students who took her class the year before. “So,” she said, smiling, “Let’s put the past behind us and move on with our―”

A tiny knock on the classroom door got our attention. Mrs. Arzu went to the door and stepped out. She returned holding a note. As she read it, she addressed the entire class. “It seems that we’ve got a new student this year, transferring from Orange County, California.” Mrs. Arzu ushered someone into the room. “Emily Roberts, welcome to Elite High!”

I pulled in a breath. Emily was the same girl that I met at the movie rental store the previous Friday. She smiled and examined everyone in the room. Her eyes immediately rested on Nick. She waved at him and Nick smiled happily. He was actually beaming! Did they know each other from somewhere? It sure seemed that way. My heart immediately jolted while my hands became sweaty. Now I knew why I felt the way I did the day I met her. Emily meant trouble for us and our love.

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Now Available: Bed of Cole’s

perf5.000x8.000.inddBed of Cole’s
Author Jyll Stonecypher
Genre: M/M; Contemporary
Length: Novella
eISBN: 978-1-937796-23-5
MSRP: 5.99
You pay: 3.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

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Can a hot summer of lust turn into something more?

Mark Unger always steered clear of male relationships while at Michigan State University. He was just not ready to explore his sexual side. When his father kicks him out, he is forced to re-examine his privileged and easy life. He now has nowhere to live and very little money. His plans for a relaxing summer on the beaches of Lake Michigan are dashed now. His mother quickly finds him a low paying job as a stable hand but at least it has room and board benefits. With his parents soon departing on a European vacation, he is on his own in a rural environment he didn’t ask for. What he didn’t count on was meeting the man who stirs desire in him he can’t ignore.

Cole Denton lives quietly on the grounds of Maple Hill stables. He’s gay, but not out of the closet by any means. His life has not been easy, an early stint in the Navy, followed by construction jobs. While not perfect, his handyman job at Maple Hill is easier than some things he’s done for a living. When he meets Maple Hill’s newest employee, he gets a raging hard on that won’t quit. Being in close quarters on a daily basis with Mark will be like throwing gasoline on a fire. Their two lives soon intertwine. A hot summer of love and lust awaits them, surging and washing over them like the gentle waves of Lake Michigan. Will their relationship last, or will it wither like Maple H ill’s fall leaves?


Mark pedaled the black mountain bike briskly up the lane heading to the riding complex’s north end. The two-lane dirt path was pounded completely flat by vehicle tires, so it was a smooth ride. He slowed down when some young riders passed him, presumably heading out to the meadow with an instructor. With his earlier disaster, he didn’t want to cause any more disturbances. The horses eyed him curiously, but they were not spooked, so they kept on their single-file trek.
He couldn’t very well argue with Sally when she said to get the bike from the garden shed and dust it off. She said it wouldn’t make as much noise as his car and scare the horses. He couldn’t remember when he last rode a bike, probably at the age of sixteen. He got a sneaking feeling that she expected him to use the bike every day. There wasn’t much use arguing, and it was probably a good idea since the Corvette was low on gas. Besides, pedaling beat walking in the early summer sunshine.

Pulling up to the only house in sight, he hopped off the bike and set the kickstand. He looked at the weathered two-story house covered in gray siding and tried to decide where the front entrance was. Then he heard sounds of water splashing coming from around the corner.
Walking around a lush weeping willow tree, he saw the back of a man. He recognized the black curly hair as Cole’s. Cole, not hearing him, began slowly peeling his denim shirt, soaked with sweat. His back muscles rippled, and Mark stared at his breathtaking tanned skin. Wide V-shaped shoulders tapered down into a slim waist. Cole had started running the water hose into a wooden barrel on his deck. He flipped the shirt across the rail and then unzipped his jeans. Tugging them off, he stood wearing only briefs. He pulled those off, too, showing a perfectly rounded ass. No spare fat showed on his taut body.

Transfixed, Mark could not pull himself from the spot by the willow tree. He stepped back into the shadows, feeling the swishing leaf-laden branches cover him, a natural camo. I shouldn’t watch like this, but I can’t look away.

Cole stopped the flow of water and removed the hose. He proceeded to pull a small plastic bucket from the barrel and began dousing himself with what Mark guessed was sun-warmed water. Shutting his eyes, Cole turned sideways and let the water slowly sluice over his head, run down onto his neck and chest, and drip into his pubic hair.

His cock was huge, chunky looking, and uncircumcised. The water coated his foreskin and made it shimmer in the light. A droplet caught the end and dangled dangerously. Cole was a muscular late-twenties male, not pale-skinned like the thin college boys Mark had briefly glimpsed in the showers when they thought no one was looking. While they provided titillation for him, Cole’s naked body was a veritable feast.

He reached into the barrel and filled another bucket. His biceps bulged as he lifted the bucket out. Dumping water over himself, he shook his head, flinging silvery drops everywhere onto the deck. Rivulets ran down over his six-pack, mercury gone wild, momentarily swirling in his perfectly shaped navel.

Frightened for a second that he would be seen, Mark stepped back farther into the tree’s cover. He could feel an involuntary erection begin to strain against his briefs. He shifted his weight and tugged at his waistband a bit to relieve the pressure.

Now Cole ran his fingers through his hair. Turning again, he dipped another bucket. He jackknifed his body into an L shape and poured the third bucket onto his back. Water now ran across his head and down his ass crack at the same time, dribbling off his balls. Mark caught his breath.

Suddenly, a phone rang inside the house. Cole heard it, flipped the bucket into the barrel and straightened up. He grabbed a white towel that hung over a half-opened door and wrapped it around his waist. Reaching into the doorway, he took a receiver off a phone apparently hanging on the wall just inside.

He started speaking to someone and turned his back to the tree. Seizing his chance, Mark slid out from his hiding spot and walked back to his bike. Tugging his shirttail from his shorts waistband, he arranged the linen material to cover his ever growing cock.

Regaining his composure, he walked around to the other side of the house and up the three steps and knocked on the door. Through an open window, he heard Cole’s footsteps approaching and sucked in a deep breath.

“Here I come,” Cole’s voice came out through the window screens. “Hold your horses.”

Yanking the door open, he stood covered in a threadbare bath towel. His hair looked longer now that it was water soaked. Unruly curls of chest hair reached his collarbone, still moist from the rinsing they had just received. Water spotted on the throw rug he stood on. Mark swallowed mightily before he could speak.

“Sorry to interrupt you, but Sally sent me to check in with you.”

Cole’s blue eyes bored a hole through Mark’s façade. If he knew he had been watched, he didn’t let on. His face was a stony mask.

Not a good way to start the afternoon, Mark thought. Oh hell, I brought it on myself. Let the chips fall where they may. I doubt he knew I was watching.

He couldn’t stop staring at Cole’s body. Whether or not Cole knew it, the towel was so thin it stuck to the wet skin, his muscles clearly outlined. Tightly tucked around his waist, it delineated his perfect hips and outer thighs. Skimpy on material, it stopped above his knees. A simple tug would cause it to fall to the floor.

“I guess it’s obvious I was rinsing off. I was just on the back deck. My clothes were so sweaty I wanted to put dry ones on before I went back to the stable. You know, after chasing down a horse that got out ‘cause someone left the gate open.”

Mark’s cheeks burned. “Oh yeah. Sorry about that.”

Cole winked. “No problem. Just busting your chops a bit.” He turned on his heel and left the door open. I guess I’m supposed to come on in.

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Free read: Merry Christmas, Mr MacGregor

judcoverMerry Christmas, Mr MacGregor
By Katsura and Yuramei

Chapter One

The holiday season was never really much of a big deal for Judas MacGregor. Like an unexpected bout of syphilis, festive shenanigans were something to be avoided. Christmas just seemed like a pointless waste of money and energy. So when Judas was invited to undertake a little bit of business in Tokyo, a jaunt which would see him away from his home village of Everdirge in Scotland for the last two weeks in December, he jumped at the chance.
A free trip to Japan? How could he refuse?

His entrepreneurial skills in the import trade had attracted the attention of some rather high profile suppliers.

Judas insisted that before he parted with what even he considered to be a significant amount of dosh, he’d like a close up view of the product. Next thing he knew, he’d been offered a winter break, all expenses paid.
Not everyone was pleased at his decision to accept. Judas had no real family, or at least, not any that he knew of. The closest he had to a relative was his friend, Vinny. No doubt Vinny saw Judas’s buggering off to the other side of the world as some kind of abandonment. How could he leave before the turkey was even defrosted? Who’d be on the other end of Vinny’s Christmas cracker now?

Vinny hadn’t actually voiced these concerns. Well not in as many words. He’d just uttered a surly, “Fuck’s sake” and muttered something about dinner being ruined. So to avoid an awkward farewell scene at the airport, Judas left without telling him the exact time of departure. Since selecting the flight mode for his phone on boarding the jet, he’d kept the device at that setting.

Looking after number one had always been Judas’s priority. To read through a dozen accusatory text messages would just make him feel bad, so it was better to pretend that there wouldn’t be any and just get on with the trip.
For the European business man looking for an interesting way to spend a free evening, Roppongi was one of the more popular areas of Tokyo. The numerous hostess bars and sex haunts would perhaps be a temptation for most men but maybe more so to Judas. If the average man thought about sex every seven seconds, Judas was proud to consider himself as well above average. Being a sex addict was a fashionable condition for the rich and famous. Judas was neither. He shunned fame of any kind. Men in his line of work usually did. As for being rich? Well he was getting there. His addiction was not about being fashionable, well known or wealthy. Just another one of those things that made Judas MacGregor, Judas MacGregor.

If he missed the Christmas lights of home, which he didn’t, the lights of Roppongi would have more than made up for this. The streets were dazzling and bustled more than any city full of festive shoppers would. But Judas was pleased to see that no one here carried pointless bags of tat for their kin. The folk who streamed around him were headed for a decent night out, just like he was.

Being tall and light haired certainly made Judas stand out amongst the locals and perhaps even amongst the other gaijin like himself. His hair was blond, with a smattering of grey and fell in collar length waves. His eyes were deep blue and somewhat piercing. But it was his mouth that was his most stunning feature. Wide, generous and always ready to slip into a smile. He knew that he attracted attention, and certainly from the pretty young girls who’d decided to make an attempt at luring him into the expensive club they no doubt worked in. Judas looked good in a suit. No point in being modest. He just did. And with a camel coloured fur coat draped over the black Armani, he fairly caught the eye.

He laughed and shook his head as two of the girls took him playfully, and not so gently, by a wrist each and tried to pull him in the general direction of their place of work. They reluctantly let him go when it became clear that he wasn’t going to be coerced. He was firm on what he wanted this Christmas Eve. Judging by the collection of pretty young men who stood resplendent under the flickering neon sign of Club Seishin, it appeared there might be the place to find it.

The club was even more packed inside, than the street outside. Judas headed to the bar, enjoying a good bit of indecent intimacy with the other patrons on his way. All accidental of course. The Japanese would doubtlessly have a name for someone who took advantage of the confines of a crowded nightclub to cop a feel as it were, but to use it would be unwarranted in Judas’s case. He was being a gentleman, for the moment at least. Judas didn’t travel much and found the idea of reinventing himself for this specific trip an amusing one. This was partly why he hadn’t asked if he could bring Vinny along with him. If Vinny was here too, they’d just behave like they did at home. Vinny would laugh his ass off at Judas’s attempts to be anything other than flash chancer. In Tokyo he didn’t want to be Judas MacGregor, flamboyant wise-guy and underground crook. He would be Jude. Cosmopolitan businessman.
Well he would have a go at that anyway.

From its external appearance, Judas presumed the club to cater for a gay clientele. But on seeing the amount of apparently heterosexual couples enjoying each other’s company, he was now not so sure. He leaned across the bar, his voice raised so that he could be heard above the pounding music and he said one of the few Japanese words he knew, “Uisukii.”

To say it was almost like saying whisky, so easy enough to remember. He held up two fingers to indicate the size of the measure but ended up with two glasses instead. As there seemed to be no available tables, he poured the contents of one glass into the other and stood to sip his drink at the bar. It certainly was a lively place and everyone appeared to be laughing. Unlike the pubs in Everdirge, which were apt to get a bit rowdy, there was no trouble here. Everyone was just out for the same reason. To enjoy a good night with friends.

The generous people who’d paid for Judas’s trip, had offered to take him out. Show him the sights. He’d politely declined this invitation. Never mix business with pleasure, according to the saying. Plus, he didn’t know if his sexual preference would go down too well with them. He was under no illusion that his hosts were anything other than Yakuza. Maybe they’d be fine with him swinging both ways, and maybe they wouldn’t. He just thought it best not to take the risk of offending a group of people who were known throughout the world for their brutality.
Judas was bisexual, but lately, he desired men more than he desired women. He liked his guys to be younger than himself and nothing turned him on more than a slim, pretty Asian. Someone like the little cracker who was seated with a large collection of his mates in a booth opposite the bar.

Now he was right up Judas’s alley.

He had straight black hair which had been highlighted here and there with red and orange, and hung centre parted to frame his jaw-droppingly beautiful face. His eyes were dark and looked to be accentuated with guy-liner. His mouth seemed to remain in an almost permanent pout and as Judas stared at this feature, he couldn’t help but imagine how those reddened lips would look fastened around the hot shaft of a hard-on.
Judas’s hard-on, to be more specific.

So lost was Judas in his fantasy concerning the strangers lovely mouth, he didn’t realise that the young man now stared back at him. However, when Judas did notice, he barely flinched. He was used to picking up random guys in bars, streets or even gentlemen’s lavatories, so eye contact such as this was just seen by him as a prelude to a shag. He smiled and toasted his glass in the young man’s direction. The guy’s cheeks flushed noticeably in response and his hands came up to his mouth as though to shield a giggle.

The gesture was too perfect. So he was shy, or if not, he could at least convincingly pretend to be.
Judas grinned and turned to place his drink on the bar but when he looked back he was saddened to see that someone else had captured the hot Asian’s attention. He was now talking animatedly to the man seated to his left. Clearly they knew each other well as every now and then they touched hands, or leaned closer and Judas supposed they must be lovers.

With a slightly rueful smirk, he turned fully to face the array of drinks on display behind the barman. A stool had become vacant. He sat on it and pointed into his glass for a refill. Perhaps there would be no sex tonight but at least the country had managed to perfect the art of a single malt. Of course it was no Lagavulin but still, it was very palatable.

“Excuse me?” A soft voice sounded to his right, “You are English?”

Judas looked round to see the young man who’d stolen the hot guy’s gaze from him. He seemed pleasant enough and Judas smiled as he replied, “No. I’m Scottish. I’d say near enough, but…” He laughed as he could see he was being unnecessarily confusing so extended his hand genially instead of finishing his sentence. “My name’s Jude, pleased to meet you.”

“Hello, pleased to meet you. My name is Hiro.” Hiro bowed a fraction then indicated over to the booth. “You would
like to join us?”

Judas didn’t wait to be asked twice. He hastily paid for the refill to his glass before he followed Hiro back to the table. A space had been cleared for him on the red leather sofa.

Right next the gorgeous one with the pouting lips.

Merry Christmas, Mr MacGregor.

Chapter Two

This close up, the apparently shy Japanese guy was even more beautiful and Judas found it difficult not to gape openly at him. He also looked thinner. Not in an unhealthy way, but his fragility made him irresistibly attractive to a man who loved to dominate.

“You will introduce me to your friend?” Judas leaned across to speak to Hiro.

Hiro smiled and nodded.

“This is my brother, Junjie…Jun. His English is not as good as mine.” He then spoke quietly to Jun. Jun turned his face to Judas and extended a slim hand for a handshake.

There was no strength in the movement of the fingers which Judas briefly clasped. The almost unperceivable up and down was as slight as Jun’s frame. Judas took a further opportunity to appreciate the perfection of the young man’s face. Jun blinked, perhaps surprised by the stranger’s open perusal of him. Undeterred, Judas’s gaze wandered over Jun’s moist looking lips, then down lower to take in the smooth contours of his throat. He wore a white v neck shirt and when Judas angled his head slightly he could almost catch a glimpse of nipple. Almost was not good enough. Judas wanted not only to see, but to touch and taste too. Tease it with his finger tip and then with his tongue and feel it harden with the attention.

The elusive thought nipple was not the only thing that was hardening and Judas shifted in his seat to ease the pressure of his growing erection. If he didn’t behave himself he knew that he would blow his chance of being blown so he sat up as straight as his cock would allow and sipped his drink in a mannerly fashion.

Hiro was a talkative one and he chatted almost incessantly for what seemed like a full hour. Judas began to wonder why he’d been invited to join them at all, as none of the conversations were directed at him. The group of young men spoke mostly in Japanese with the odd utterance of an English word here and there. But all that aside, when they suddenly got up as though to leave, Judas could barely hide his disappointment.

He hurriedly tried to think of something to say to Jun. Something to make him stay, but to his surprise, Jun didn’t seem about to go anyway.

“I will…another drink?” Jun addressed his brother, but conveniently in English. Obviously so Judas would understand too. It was true that Jun was not as fluent as Hiro, but still perfectly understandable. Hiro looked back at him and mumbled something.

If Jun had been Judas’s brother—in reality he didn’t have one but for arguments sake if he did—he knew what he would be saying to him right now.

Are you fucking crazy? You’re going to stay here with some strange guy? He looks like a fucking pervert. He’s been goggling at your tits all night!

Judas tried to smile in a non-perverted way. Not an easy task when the thought of Jun naked and spread on his hotel bed kept wandering into his mind.


He could cover him in chocolate and…

Judas mentally chided himself and looked reassuringly at Hiro.

“It’s okay, Hiro. I’ll make sure your brother gets home safely. Don’t worry, here.” He offered the young man his business card. Having heard that almost everyone in Japan routinely exchanged them, he’d had them printed before his trip. Hopefully, it would have the comforting effect of making him seem legit. And perhaps if Hiro was presented with contact details he would worry less that his brother was about to fall prey to some sex pest.
Which he was.

At least if Judas had his way.

Hiro took the card, stared at it for a moment, then nodded. He placed the small white rectangle into his pocket.
“Okay. Thank you.” He gave a little bow. Judas awkwardly did the same.

When he was finally alone with Jun, well as alone as being in a mobbed bar would allow, Judas wondered how best to seduce a guy who didn’t speak his language. Then he accepted his general failure in the vocal arts of seduction and conceded that the lack of small talk might really be a help as oppose to a hindrance.

Conquests in the bedroom came easily to Judas.

Probably not because of his muttering, “So, like, d’you wanna?” as he heatedly felt someone up. More than likely his roguish smile and tendency to flash a lot of cash were responsible for his frequent sexual successes.
Jun reached out and lifted Judas’s glass of whisky. He brought it to his lips and took a small sip. He then spoke in such a quiet voice that Judas had strain to hear him.

“It is very nice.”

“Yeah?” Judas nodded. “I can hardly hear you. You want to go somewhere quieter?”

Jun didn’t answer. He simply smiled and got to his feet. As he walked out from the booth, he occasionally glanced back, clearly to check that Judas followed.

Of course, Judas did. His eyes never left the young man for a second as he weaved through the crowd. And not just so that he wouldn’t be lost in the crush. Judas enjoyed the opportunity to take in an eyeful of Jun’s gorgeous ass, which was covered by some nice tight designer jeans. The faded parts were in all the right places and accentuated the beautiful mounds perfectly.

Again, this was no time to get so helplessly aroused, so Judas forced himself to keep his eyes on the back of Jun’s head instead.

Once outside they fell into pace side by side. Jun was shorter than Judas and as they walked, his hand slipped to hold Judas’s elbow. The act was surprising but not unpleasant. Judas lifted his chin, confident now that his evening was going to turn out just as he had wanted it to. With him tangled up in the sheets, on top of some hot guy.
“I live not too far.” Jun pointed along the street. “You come up for…” He seemed to be trying to think of a reason for inviting Judas up to his apartment. Judas didn’t care for reasons. He would have gone with him for anything or nothing at all. He nodded enthusiastically then he and Jun continued on their way.

Jun’s flat was tiny and even Judas, who was not exactly a house proud person, found it to be a complete mess. It was probably quite a nice place if all of the junk was lifted from the floor, but it was difficult to see past that. Jun busied himself in the kitchen while Judas walked about, careful to avoid standing on the young man’s strewn apparel.
There were large black and white photographs on the wall. Mostly every space held one and Judas guessed that Jun, or someone very close to him, was an avid photographer. Stunning Scenes from around Roppongi seemed to leap out from the frames. Others, equally spectacular, depicted different parts of Tokyo.

“You took these pictures?” Judas called out as he admired an image of the famous Tokyo Towers. Normally, Judas was not the type who’d care to be a tourist, but the amazing view captured even his interest.

“Uh huh!” Jun shouted from the kitchen. He appeared at the doorway carrying two mugs of coffee. “I am not so good.”
“Don’t be silly.” Judas came over to join the young man on the small two-seater sofa on which he’d now perched. “They look great.”

He carefully took one of the mugs from Jun, then immediately sat it down on the low coffee table in front of them. It was late. Another whisky would have been nice and he would have drank that quickly before making his move. Coffee was not worth delaying the action any further for.

He rested his hand on Jun’s thigh.

Jun looked at him over the rim of his coffee mug but didn’t object.

Judas let his fingers meander a little higher. “You saw me watching you? When I first came into the bar?”

“Yes.” Jun nodded. “I thought…you look very nice. I ask Hiro to tell…you sit with us.”

Judas smiled and shifted closer. The action brought his hand in contact with the bulge at Jun’s groin and he brushed his fingers over the fabric there. Jun put down his coffee. His teeth pressed lightly against his lower lip as Judas stroked him a little more firmly.

“I thought you were fucking gorgeous.” Judas breathed. He leaned closer still, so his lips touched against Jun’s cheek, but only for a second. The slightly lavender aroma of Jun’s scent filled his nostrils. Jun closed his eyes and leaned back against the cushions. His neck lay exposed now and Judas couldn’t resist. He pressed his lips against the enticing skin and sucked gently. Jun responded by arching his back with obvious arousal.

Hell. He was, to use a purely Scottish phrase, a total belter. He had movie star good-looks. And not just the kind which could have gotten him into porn. Although, if Judas ever hoped to see him on either the big, or small screen, likely pornography would be his preferred genre.

“Mmm…” Jun moaned. Judas gazed at his face through lust heavy eyes, as he traced his tongue around the little pink mark that his lips had left on Jun’s pale and fragrant skin. While he licked slowly lower, Judas first loosened his tie, then undid the knot completely. He tossed his airport purchase from Tie Rack, to join the odd assortment of things on the floor. Maybe the clothes were not Jun’s at all, but the hastily removed shirts, socks and pants of other men who had sat here and wished to be rid of every stitch.

Just so that they could bury themselves to the hilt, in this sweet angel’s ass.

Jun reached down and grasped the hem of his shirt. He pulled the garment up and over his head. Judas gazed at the secretive little nipple that had captured his thoughts earlier. It sat pert and tempting like its equally delicious twin. With no hesitation, he lowered his head to fasten his mouth around it. He sucked the soft mound to hardness while his thumb and forefinger paid attention to the other.

Jun gasped. Encouragingly, he fumbled with the button on his jeans, and without pausing his work on the pretty rosebuds on Jun’s chest, Judas slipped his free hand to help him. Once the jeans were open, Judas slid his fingers inside to caress Jun’s promisingly hard cock.

“Oh, please…” Jun sounded breathless, and not to beat about the bush, deliciously horny. Feeling not a fraction less himself, Judas released Jun’s now glistening pink nipple from his mouth.

He slowly licked his lips. “I intend to.”

Judas got up from the sofa. He kneeled on the floor between Jun’s thighs and after a quick glance at Jun’s face, took the young man’s cock in a deep, oral embrace.

Jun’s erection practically sizzled as Judas surrounded it in the moist warmth of his mouth. He breathed in Jun’s heat and longed to feel the tickle of dark pubic curls against his nostrils. Jun swiftly tangled his hands into Judas’s hair. However, rather than hold Judas’s head in place, he seemed to be trying to push him back.

Judas was having none of it.

Nothing pleased him more than to bring any sexual partner off first. Even before he made an attempt to fuck them properly.

With one still caught in the throws of climax, the sudden addition of some hot cock, felt blissful for both.
He ignored this feeble attempt to push him away. Instead, he allowed still more of the musky tasting skin between his lips. Jun lessened his resistance somewhat and Judas took the opportunity to tug the guy’s jeans down, then free him from them completely.

Jun’s hands moved down from Judas’s hair and rested instead against his shoulders, which rocked back and forth with the actions of his mouth. His tongue lapped on the bitter juice which leaked from Jun’s cock. Some men were like that. They practically gushed precum as soon as the oral experience began. Judas fancied that he could taste the difference as a guy got closer to the finale. His mouth filled with the young man’s flavour. A slightly more rich tone which promised an imminent and eagerly anticipated, throat-full.

Judas sucked him greedily and with an almost desperate impatience. The appetiser was delicious. But perhaps a little more intimate attention would hasten the arrival of the keenly awaited main course.

Judas carefully snaked his fingers between the damp, sweat soaked mounds of Jun’s ass. He searched for the puckered ring of muscle at Jun’s entrance and stroked gently. Full penetration could wait for just the right moment, but a little tease was what was needed, for now.

The young man cried out. He seemed to quiver at Judas’s touch and his hands pressed harder against Judas’s shoulders.
Although his actions still seemed like an attempt to push Judas away, Jun spread his legs wider at the same time, obviously as filled with desire as Judas.

“No, no…” Jun’s moved his head from side to side. His hips squirmed more and Judas reluctantly released his cock so that he could try to gauge if the young man really meant what he was saying.

Jun took short, shallow breaths as he looked down at Judas’s face.

“You really want me to stop?” Judas gave a sigh of frustration that almost knocked any gentlemanly pretense from him. He stared up at Jun’s moist eyes while his finger remained lightly pressed against his temptingly tight little asshole.

Just a little pressure. He’d show the guy what real pleasure felt like.

Jun slid his hands gently over Judas’s shoulders and he leaned down to place a soft kiss on Judas’s wet lips. “I want to, but…we go to my bed?”

Jun had sure chosen his moment to change location, but what the hell.

Judas withdrew his finger from the gateway to paradise and got to his feet. Jun stood up gracefully and without realising why he did it, Judas lifted him. While they walked from the sofa, Jun’s arms encircled Judas’s neck and he rested his head against Judas’s shoulder. There was no weight to him at all, it seemed, and as Judas carried him in the direction of the unmade futon, he marvelled at why such an attractive guy would be interested in him. Of course Judas was hot, but so were most of the others in the club. They were all gorgeous and if Judas was honest with himself, a lot younger than he was. There could be only one reason.

Jun was a prostitute.

Why else would he invite some strange guy to his flat with the obvious intention of having sex with him? The revelation didn’t bother Judas much. It wasn’t the first time he’d paid for it and it wouldn’t be the last. His only issue was, if he was going to have to fork out some readies, only one of them deserved to be in charge.
Jun was sweet and very adept at the show of coyness. But if he made a living out of selling his body, the blushing and resistance was really just an act. Judas was going to be the boss now. He lay his partially unwrapped Christmas present to himself on top of the covers and began to undress.

Jun climbed beneath the black satin and gazed over as Judas placed his shirt on top of the chair. The floor was way too crowded with other clothes. Having decided that Jun was a hooker, this meant Judas could have sex with him, sleep for a bit, if he felt like it, then leave at any point without causing offence. He didn’t want to have to rake around on the floor for his stuff, so it all went neatly on the chair.

Chapter Three

Santa Claus didn’t exist.

Never at any point in his life did Judas believe in the big merry fucker in the red suit who would squeeze down the chimney and leave gifts while you slept. The only people who entered a home under cover of darkness and unbeknownst to the slumbering householder, were burglars. No toys or sweets were left in that instance. You would just wake up to no TV. Which wasn’t always a bad thing. Especially at Christmas. Given the usually dire holiday programming schedule.
But doubt about the reality of old Saint Nick, was no reason to avoid some festive frolicking.

Next to Jun’s bed, the red digits on the illuminated display of the clock showed that it was close to midnight.

Almost Christmas day. At least in Tokyo.

Judas joined Jun under the sheets, and vowed to make it a night to remember. Sex with bells on. Not literally as that would just be annoying after a while.

Jun eagerly pulled him closer and while Judas caressed his fingers against the young man’s waist, he felt a surge of desire. The guy was trembling. Judas’s fingers detected this gentle tremor and it felt almost like vibration. Was he nervous? He had no real reason to be and surely must have been used to being close to a stranger like this.

But the notion was a pleasing one.

The covers creased audibly, almost like a sigh, as Judas manoeuvred himself on top of Jun’s body. But when he felt his waist become surrounded in the snug embrace of Jun’s thighs, he dismissed any thoughts that the guy was apprehensive.

That gentle ripple across what seemed like every muscle, was pure need.

His refusal to continue with the blow-job was only because he was desperate for some cock.

Impatience was a virtue which Judas admired.

A small jar of cream sat next to the clock on the table beside the futon. Jun reached for it and made an attempt to pass it to Judas.



Judas got back out of bed. Jun parted his lips and his eyes widened but when Judas pulled a little packet from out of his coat pocket and gave it a reassuring rattle in Jun’s direction, his look of frustration was replaced by a smile.
Once the rubber was securely on, Judas got back to his former position on top of Jun and took the jar from him.
He hastily fumbled the lid off and covered his palm with some of the contents. After tossing the container to join the mess on the floor, he reached down and coated his erection.

Jun made the sweetest moan when the tip of Judas’s cock pressed against his entrance. His eyes closed and his head fell to the side when he was penetrated and Judas gazed down, totally overwhelmed by his beauty.

He’d considered before that the young man looked like an angel. But right now, the title didn’t do him justice. Jun’s moist lips parted to emit delicious groans and Judas leaned closer to kiss him.

He tasted each sound the young man uttered.

Savoured it in his mouth with such concentration that the experience of his cock being so deep within this tight embrace, was bizarrely taking second place to the kiss.

Jun rocked his hips in time with Judas’s thrusts. The movements of his slim hands, pressed tight against Judas’s back felt restless and welcoming. Each firm stroke of his fingers was taken by Judas as encouragement to slide deeper. Hit harder. Increase his pace.

Unlike before, when they were on the sofa, Jun made no protest. He seemed lost in his passion. Judas took panting breaths. He watched, with fascination, the reverberation of the impact of their bodies. Shivers travelled over every curve and crevice on Jun’s skin each time Judas’s hips hit against his body.

They gave a simultaneous groan when Judas’s cock brushed over just the right spot. Jun, clearly in response to the rush of pleasure this produced and Judas because of the reaction of Jun’s muscles. They clenched along the full length of his cock, to such a perfect degree that Judas felt imminently close to climax.

It shouldn’t matter if he came first. Not when he’d resolved to be the boss. But while appreciating Jun’s beauty, he’d completely forgot he was going to have to pay for the privilege later.

All he wanted now was to witness Jun when he hit his peak. Most people crept up the attractive ranks at this point. With someone so blessed in the looks department, the glorious transformation of his features during orgasm, was surely a sight to behold.

Judas carefully eased his hand between their bodies and firmed it around the hot skin of Jun’s cock. It jolted sharply to his touch. Judas slid his palm up and down the smoothness of the shaft until he felt the further swell against his fingers. Then came the prize. The hot splash of Jun’s cum as it lashed over the feverish skin of Judas’s chest.

Judas could only hold back long enough to thrust his cock, as deep into Jun as possible, before he came too. Wave, over seemingly endless orgasmic wave, travelled from his groin and through the rest his body. What felt like every drop of his fluid exploded from him. Judas gave into his own needs. The desire to keep on thrusting his hips back and forth until he had no more energy left to continue.

He finally slumped into Jun’s embrace and they lay locked together, their breaths ragged and filled with heat.
The heavenly scent of sex hung over them.

Jun sighed blissfully.

Judas eased from him. He removed the sheath from his cock, tied it in a knot, then not knowing what else to do with it, dropped it on the floor by the futon.

He lay exhausted by Jun’s side. The brief feeling of missing the touch of the young man’s skin vanished as Jun curled his body against Judas’s. He seemed to be preparing to sleep. No sign of the usual haste which prostitutes had, when they were eager to remove a client from their bed.

Judas stroked his fingers through Jun’s highlighted hair. Maybe he would stay tonight and not rush away. The bed was warm and no doubt the night was cold. Granted, not as frosty as Scotland would be. A thick carpet of snow would be covering the hills and glens by now. Judas cared little for his surroundings but even he had to grudgingly admit the sight was a pleasing one.

A hoar frost would coat every tree branch. A chance deer might saunter across the landscape, unafraid in the safety of the night, even though its reddish form would be highly visible against the stark white of the ground.

Judas blinked.

Was he becoming sentimental? Lying there, having just enjoyed some awesome sex with some hot guy and actually beginning to feel a little, what was that?


He glanced at the clock again.

It was well and truly Christmas.

Most years, he’d be sitting about by now, drinking with Vinny and maybe some of the others. Vinny was humorous at Christmastime. He really seemed to revel in the whole experience. He’d be the one trying to catch some unsuspecting guy under the mistletoe. Usually Judas. More than one year saw him sport a pair of novelty antlers. All of the traditions which Judas found either annoying or ludicrous, seemed to thrill the young half Italian.

More sentimental thoughts threatened to creep into his mind and in order to shake them, Judas stroked his hand down Jun’s arm as he softly kissed his hair.

He was in Tokyo and warm. Not freezing his tits off in a village in the arsehole of nowhere, shivering to the strains of, Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Sung with irreverent lyrics, cobbled together, but cleverly so, by Vinny.
How did it go?

Oh, come on me face fool…

The bawdy song, which echoed in Judas’s mind was interrupted as Jun lifted his head and looked into his eyes. “This…I always wonder. It was very nice.” He smiled.

Judas couldn’t really think what the young guy meant. He brushed his fingers down Jun’s cheek and smiled too. “Wonder about what, baby?”

Jun chuckled. “Baby?”

Judas laughed. He called just about everyone, baby. The name had slipped out automatically. Probably because he’d been thinking about Vinny. “What did you wonder about, Jun?”

Jun seemed to struggle to find the correct words. He stared at a spot on the wall, then smoothed his fingers though his hair and sat up a little more. “With a man? To be with a man?”

Once more Judas found his eyes caught hopelessly in a blink of surprise. Was Jun telling him that this had been his first time? Of course if that was true it cast doubt over all of Judas’s earlier assumptions about the guy. It was unlikely that he was hooker if he’d never had sex with a man before. This also made his choosing Judas as a partner rather a nice compliment. Judas tried not to look smug but was well aware that he probably failed and was lying there looking like Mr Conceit on International Arrogance Day. “So, I was your first?”

Jun nodded. He kissed Judas on the cheek then snuggled against him again.

Judas returned to stroking Jun’s hair, while he stared up at the reflection of the city lights. They illuminated spots at random on the ceiling. Danced almost like tree decorations.

First green. Then red. Some yellow, which almost looked gold.

He suppressed a laugh.

This very un-Christmassy Christmas was becoming more traditional by the minute.

The lights. The cracker. The angel. The virgin…

The fleeting, yet obligatory, smattering of disappointment.

The impatience and excitement.

He glanced down at the silvery white sheen which still covered his chest. Almost like a coating of frost?
No that was just taking things a little too far.

Judas allowed himself a small chuckle while he hugged Jun tighter. He’d call Vinny when it was properly morning. Wish the crazy wee fucker a merry Christmas.

Maybe it wasn’t such a pointless holiday after all.

Big Deal: The Series available from the Tokyo Beat Line at Ai Press!

BigDeal2-6Big Deal Lesson in betrayal 23Cover BD23

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Now available: the Completeness of Celia Flynn

The Completeness of Celia Flynn
Author: Sedonia Guillone
Genre: Menage; M/M/M/F; Historical
Length: Novella
eISBN: 9781937796167
MSRP: 4.99
You pay: 2.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

Buy from: Amazon Kindle|BN Nook|AllRomance Ebooks

One afternoon in Robert’s barn, Celia got her first taste of erotic passion with him.and Freddie.and Patrick. But “nice” girls don’t give their body to even one man outside of marriage, much less three, no matter how brawny and deliciously masculine they are. And no matter how much they love you. The abundance of eroticism frightened her away and she attempted to live a quiet life, acceptable to her mother and to society, if not exciting or true to her own heart.

No sooner had she done so, however, than the war took all the young men from the village, including her acceptable fiancé. Two years of loneliness make Celia realize how much she needs and loves the three men she once ran from and vows that if life gives her a second chance, she’ll take it. When her prayers are answered and Robert, Patrick and Freddie return, each needing the love only she can give, Celia gives it, body and soul.

Publisher’s Notes: This book contains sexual content that may be offensive to some readers: m/m/m/f ménage and has been previously published.


Chapter One
Ballykillmarrick, Ireland, 1913

As she’d done a thousand times in the past seven years, Celia lay back on the straw, enjoying the feel of Robert’s dark head resting on her stomach. She watched him leisurely twiddling a piece of straw between his teeth. Freddie and Patrick were on either side of her, their heads close to hers.

Yet somehow, this time, something was … different. Her heart pumped harder than usual and her blood ran like liquid fire through her veins.

There seemed no better way to spend her nineteenth birthday than here in the abandoned barn of Robert’s family’s farm, staring up at the rafters, surrounded by her three best childhood friends.
Except that something was happening to her. The sensation of it was like falling. Only she was lying on her back.

She reached out and touched Robert’s dark hair. It was so soft under her fingertips.

“Mmm, Ceil, ye’ve an angel’s touch,” Robert murmured.

Celia’s breath caught softly. The feel of his hair under her fingertips resonated deep inside her, stirring deep vibrations between her thighs. She lifted her hand from Robert’s head as if he were on fire.

He seemed not to notice.

She glanced to either side of her. Patrick held his notebook, deep in the act of composing a new poem. All his poems were about her, she realized with a blinding flash. So blind she’d been all this time. His sandy brown hair invited her touch as well. She resisted.

And Freddie, to her other side, had just a few days ago described to her his ideal woman. She hadn’t registered what he was saying then, but the description of a slim willowy girl with pale freckled skin and waves of dark long hair had fit her to perfection.

None of the three lads, now in their twentieth years, seemed to be on the search for girlfriends, always content to be with her. Nor was she looking, either. She was never happier than she was with her three friends.

Friends! What were they then that they caused her to feel this way? These sensations ripped through her body, making her want each one of them in her arms, inside her, their lips against hers?

She felt suddenly surrounded, not by her playmates, but by grown men. The pulsing between her legs rose to a pitch and her breasts tingled, her nipples tightening. She suddenly wanted Robert to hold her and kiss her, to explore her with his hands and mouth. In fact, she wanted the same from Patrick and Freddie.

Fear gripped her in that moment. Her skin prickled with its icy touch and her heart set to rioting in her chest as she realized the truth. She loved all three men. They were her life.
Terrified, Celia wondered if Freddie or Patrick or Robert had noticed her crash into womanhood. Her breasts rose and fell heavily with her ragged breathing, and she sought desperately to recapture childhood.

Suddenly, the fact that she’d been waiting for them to wish her happy birthday went from being an annoyance to a lifesaving topic of conversation.

“All three of you forgot my birthday, it seems,” she said in a tight voice.
Robert sat up, looking at her sheepishly. “Oh, Celia. I’m so sorry! Was it today? I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”

Freddie sat up now also. “I’m sorry, too, Ceil.” He was equally as sheepish.

Celia sat up and looked at Patrick, who had now risen up on his elbows. He regarded her shamefacedly. “You should have given us warning. We would have been prepared.”

Celia swatted his arm. “I can’t believe you!” Her cheeks burned with her indignation. “I’ve never forgotten any of your birthdays! In ten years of friendship, not once. And this is what it comes to, then, eh?” She looked again at Robert, whose sheepish smile had turned to mischief. A funny tickly feeling fluttered in her stomach. She looked from one man to the next, seeing they all wore the same mischievous look now. A tiny smile teased the corners of her lips. “What’s going on, then?”

Robert’s dark eyes flickered in the others’ directions just before the three of them burst into raucous laughter. They jostled Celia gently around, tickling and tumbling her until her hair was mussed and her face flushed bright pink. Finally, when she was nearly breathless, they stopped and let her up.

“We had you going there for a bit, didn’t we?” Patrick said, laughing.

“Come now, Ceil,” Freddie said. “You really think we’d forget?”

Celia, feeling sheepish herself, smiled as she picked bits of straw out of her messy hair. “I’m sorry. I should have had more faith. But we’d been here forever, and no one said a word!”
Robert grinned and poked at her ribs. “It wouldn’a worked so well, now, would it, if we had?”
Celia crossed her arms protectively over her ribs as she laughed. “No, I suppose not.”

Robert reached into the pocket of his trousers and pulled out a small box, which he handed to her. “The three of us chipped in for this. Freddie got it in Dublin.”

Celia fingered the small red velvet box, the kind that came from a jeweler. “What’s this?” she asked in a whisper as her heart began to jump.

“Go on, Ceil,” Freddie urged. “Open it.”

Gingerly, Celia lifted the lid, catching her breath when she saw what was inside. A delicate gold chain with a heart pendant nestled in the satiny folds of the box. “I can’t believe it!” She stared at the lovely charm, her heart feeling fuzzy and sweet in her chest. “It’s so beautiful!” She looked up, her gaze passing to each man’s face. They were watching her expectantly.

“Do you really like it?” Robert asked.

“I love it! Thank you!”

“Put it on, then,” Patrick said.

Celia smiled. “All right.” Delicately she lifted the necklace from the box. Robert reached out and offered to help her. She lifted her hair up while he fastened it at the nape of her neck, his fingertips brushing her skin as he did so. Celia shivered lightly at his touch.

She let her hair down and touched her fingertips to the gold heart now resting against her dress, just under the hollow of her throat. She smiled at them. “Thank you all so much,” she said. “This is the most beautiful present I’ve ever gotten.”

“I’m glad, Ceil.” Freddie leaned over and embraced her.

In Freddie’s arms, Celia felt the change again, that acute awareness of her three masculine companions. Freddie felt warm and strong in her arms and a strange, languid weakness came over her.

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Now Available: Feed. Prey. Love.

Feed. Prey. Love.
Author: D.H. Starr
Series: Whispering Hills, Book One
Genre: M/M; Paranormal; Vampire
Length: Super Novel
Word count: 83,000
eISBN: 9781937796075
MSRP: 8.99
You pay: 5.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

PDFAdd to Cart|MOBIAdd to Cart|EPUBAdd to Cart
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Buy from: Amazon Kindle|BN Nook|AllRomanceEbooks

Gripping. Intense drama. Explosive eroticism. D.H. Starr has created a paranormal world that you can absolutely lose yourself in. Read Feed. Prey. Love. and you’ll wish you could pack a bag and move right into Whispering Hills! – Sedonia Guillone, author of Fallon’s Jewel, Ai Press

Feed, Prey, Love, a story of devotion, sacrifice, and dangerous obsession. D.H. Starr puts his own unique spin on the classic vampire tale, creating a modern society in which your neighbors might be giants, werewolves, elves, or even fairies, and where finding love isn’t nearly as difficult as keeping it…alive. Each scene draws you in, captivating your full attention until the very last page. — Eden Winters, author of The Angel of 13th Street, Torquere Press

At Whispering Hills where mortals and paranormals coexist peacefully – and romantically – love really does bite!

Talib Eldridge is a vampire who lives with guilt. 100 years ago, he accidentally turned a human to a vampire and has been afraid to get close to anyone for fear of ever losing control as he once did. When he meets Conley Berillo, his commitment to living in isolation is challenged. Immediately drawn to the human, he can’t help but fall in love.

Conley has always felt out of place. Never fitting in with others, he too has lived in isolation. When the existence of paranormal creatures is finally acknowledged, he feels an immediate affinity to the outcasts, still feared and hated by humans. Moving to Whispering Hills in Providence, Rhode Island, he knows immediately that he belongs to this new world. When he meets Talib, that conviction is only solidified.

When Jonah Townsend, the human Talib had turned about a hundred years earlier, re-enters the picture, Talib and Conley’s newfound happiness is threatened. Conley becomes the tool that Jonah uses to get back at Talib and Talib is forced to make a choice. Fight for his own happiness and risk Conley’s life, or put Conley’s safety first and sacrifice what he’s searched and struggled for over two hundred years!


Talib’s heart stopped, then assumed a frantic staccato beat. From the moment the green-eyed human set foot in the door, he’d captured Talib’s attention as if he had his own gravitational pull. So strong was Talib’s need to approach the man, he had no doubt this was the person Purvis wanted him to meet. With each step, warning bells sounded in his head. What am I doing? Like a runaway train on a collision course, Talib sensed impending doom and was powerless to stop the impending crash. This is how it happened before.

Events from nearly a hundred years earlier blended with the horrors from the night before.

Hadn’t he proven to himself time and again he was a killer? Despite his longing for companionship and the emptiness which threatened to consume him, history couldn’t be denied. With his self-control difficult to manage, placing temptation in his own path was pure stupidity. What was I thinking to accept Purvis’s invitation? This is sheer madness!

It wasn’t until the thoughts of the man reached him that Talib realized he’d actually stopped moving. Why isn’t he coming to me? Talib’s focus sharpened, and he became lost in a sea of emerald green, reason dashing out the window.

Keeping his feet firmly planted to the floor, Talib swallowed the venom dripping from his fangs. Lifting cars, bending minds to his will, these tasks were nothing compared to the sheer willpower it took him to avert his eyes. Keeping his gaze trained on Purvis’s lavender carpet, he forced himself to turn away and begin trudging toward the apartment door with leaden feet. He hadn’t made it more than five steps before another set of thoughts caught his attention. He glanced around the room but couldn’t locate the source.

He’s delicious. Talib heard the whisper in his mind then quickly located its origin: another vampire who’d locked his sights on Conley. The predator who’d chosen Conley as his prey had the palest of skin and eyes a hypnotizing red. Thick blond hair cascaded over slender shoulders and framed a face with sharp, angular features. But more than the features, animalistic and primal, it was the thoughts which frightened Talib the most. Those eyes, that ass, the things I will do to him once I get him alone.

And then, as if a switch had been flipped, Talib’s vision shifted and he was seeing through the predator’s eyes. Through the unwanted connection with the other vampire he watched himself draw closer and closer toward the man he had just forced himself to abandon. Like water presented to someone stranded in the desert, Talib sensed the need driving the beast closer to the man with the green eyes. This wasn’t an approach of mere interest or attraction, it was something far too familiar to Talib…hunger. No, beyond hunger, an all-consuming thing he couldn’t name.

His retracted fangs grew violently elongated, venom drowning his mouth. A musky mix of adrenaline and pheromones permeated the air, drawing Talib like a beacon. The chemicals reacting in his bloodstream sent electrifying prickles along his skin as he worked to control the throbbing of his heart.

The thrill of a hunt, the conquest of a succulent meal and warm human blood echoed loudly in his head. Although no words had been spoken aloud, Talib examined his link to a vampire, experiencing the rush of another’s chase. As the predator drew closer to the man with the emerald green eyes, Talib’s paralysis snapped.

He recognized the threat immediately, but his breath caught as the next thought hit, not the predator’s this time. Thank God, he’s coming back. The innocence. The sheer, honest, vulnerability of this sweet man called him like a drug. A delectable, red-blooded, intoxicating drug.

Warmth chased away the chill as he took another step forward, and then his muscles clenched as the stalking vampire’s thoughts invaded his head once again. Every predatorial instinct kicked in at once. I’m gonna fuck that sweet ass. Whether the kid wants it or not, he’s mine tonight.

Remembering why he wasn’t half way to his apartment already, Talib surveyed the scene. Green Eyes focused on him and had no idea he was being stalked. Glancing toward the hunting vampire, Talib clenched his fists and lurched forward, placing his body between his rival and the innocent man.

Shoulders squared, Talib lifted his gaze to stare directly at the approaching hunter. With the control necessary to lift a parked truck, Talib forced himself to remain stationary, sending a single warning wordlessly through the air. No!

The predator slowed in his approach but didn’t stop, a combination of amusement and confusion settling on his face. Why?

Talib’s fists clenched involuntarily, his fangs barely contained within his mouth. The desire to pounce grew like a fire, threatening Talib’s tenuous hold on his anger. He is a man. Not food.
The sounds of the party faded into silence, Talib’s focus honing in on the vampire standing a few feet away. The confusion shifted to disgust as the stalker studied Talib, sizing him up. If you don’t want him, he’s mine.

Once again, the urge to leap nearly overtook Talib as he pictured his fangs ripping at this attacker’s throat. Green eyes, pure and alluring, flashed before Talib’s vision, easing his rage just enough to allow him to regain his composure. If he needed to, he would fight, but only as a last result. With the seriousness of a warrior ready to back up a threat, Talib issued his warning one last time. No.

Time slowed. Confusion blasted Talib from behind, the thoughts of an unsuspecting man ringing clearly. Indecision lashed out from the vampire who faced him. Talib’s muscles quivered as the anticipation grew. Like a spring, he prepared to pounce.

A few moments elapsed, seconds that seemingly stretched into tortured minutes before the other vampire lowered his gaze and turned from Talib, abandoning the hunt.

Talib considered following. Likely he’d simply protected one human only to set this vampire’s sights on another. Before he could act, his thoughts were interrupted. I guess he doesn’t want me.

It was an invitation to leave. Green Eyes suspected Talib wasn’t interested. He shouldn’t be. The smart thing to do would be to walk away. But maybe that vampire will return if I leave. Deep down he knew he clutched at straws for an excuse, but desire outweighed his better judgment.

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What Would Judas Do? Dinner with the P.M. 250,000 GBP?…What the F__k?

My Twitter chums will know that these days my rants, or gems of wisdom as I prefer to call them, have been mostly about our darling Prime Minister, Gentleman Dave…or David Cameron to you and me.

Here’s the rub. If you donate 250 big ones to the tory party, you get dinner with Dave in his private chambers. It’s like..prostitution on a Westminster scale, and while I’m not willing to tart myself about like Dave does, it got me to thinking…if there’s dosh to made from dining with folk willing to donate to your “cause”…why can’t I have a bit of that action?
so here’s the price list:
£100 fuck off…dream on, baby.
£1000 gets you dinner (probably chips) and 5 minutes of my company.
£10,000 gets you dinner (probably a fish supper) 10 minutes with me and a photee to impress yer pals with.
£100,000…the worlds yer oyster..well, not really. Oysters are over rated..Half an hour with me and a proper nice takeaway of your choice.
As you can see I am considerably cheaper that Dave, and fuck knows, a damn sight better looking.

Judas MacGregor
Big Deal Lust For Vengeance by Katsura and Yuramei

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Trailer for Feed. Prey. Love. Coming soon to Ai Press!

Coming soon to Ai Press! Feed. Prey. Love. by D.H. Starr!
In Whispering Hills apartment complex where humans and paranormals live side by side in peace, love really does bite…

Talib Eldridge is a vampire who lives with guilt. 100 years ago, he accidentally turned a human to a vampire and has been afraid to get close to anyone for fear of ever losing control as he once did. When he meets Conley Berillo, his commitment to living in isolation is challenged. Immediately drawn to the human, he can’t help but fall in love.

Conley has always felt out of place. Never fitting in with others, he too has lived in isolation. When the existence of paranormal creatures is finally acknowledged, he feels an immediate affinity to the outcasts, still feared and hated by humans. Moving to Whispering Hills in Providence, Rhode Island, he knows immediately that he belongs to this new world. When he meets Talib, that conviction is only solidified.

When Jonah Townsend, the human Talib had turned about a hundred years earlier, re-enters the picture, Talib and Conley’s newfound happiness is threatened. Conley becomes the tool that Jonah uses to get back at Talib and Talib is forced to make a choice. Fight for his own happiness and risk Conley’s life, or put Conley’s safety first and sacrifice his own happiness.

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This is what I’m aiming for…

My boyfriend and I recently watched this documentary, Chris and Don: A Love Story about the famed, decades-long partnership between Christopher Isherwood (who is one of my absolute favorite authors! A Single Man, Christopher and His Kind et al), and Don Bachardy who was 30 years younger than Isherwood.

I was deeply moved. Christopher and Don first met when Don was sixteen and Isherwood was 36. Their romance began not long afterward. One of the things that touched me was that for Don, Isherwood was his one and only major relationship (this was true for Isherwood as well) and the influence Isherwood had on his formation on a human being was profound and beautiful, even down to the way Don spoke – with an English accent and with Isherwood’s inflections of speech as if Isherwood were speaking through him.

What came through so strongly and touchingly as well, told through excerpts read from Isherwood’s private journal and from Don Bachardy (who was still alive at the making of the film, Isherwood passed away in 1986) was how for Isherwood, being the older person in the relationship was, first, absolutely enchanted with Don and how for Isherwood, his love for Don was, in his own words, his spiritual path to enlightenment. I know from reading My Guru and His Disciple where Isherwood chronicles his years as the disciple of Swami Prabhavananda who practiced chastity, Christopher Isherwood could never bring himself to do the same. He felt strongly pulled to be in relationship with a partner, that it was deeply in his nature, not to be ignored or snuffed out. For him, his relationship with Don was his path.

Later on, as I reflected more and more on that, it hit me – that’s exactly what I’ve been working so hard to portray in my own writing! To bridge the gap that pervades so much of thinking and approach to sexuality, that somehow it’s different, separate, lower than spirit. Healing that gap is what my own life’s path has led me to begin to understand and because it’s so important to me, I endeavor to bring that healing into my stories, most blatantly (I guess that’s the right word) in my White Tigers series wherein the characters practice the sexual Tao and when one of them meets their soulmate, they become partners and practice together. Their love and mutual attraction become the very fodder needed to bring their minds to the understanding of reality.

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So excited to bring this one back!

(Reprinted from Sedonia Guillone’s blog.)
I found out not long ago that the contract for His Beautiful Samurai expired from its previous publisher. Which was fine because I wrote this book five years ago and since have gotten a lot more writing as well as life experience and growth. I love John and Toshi so much and really want to do their story as much justice as possible so I’m in the process of re-working it and it’s going to be a waaaayyyy different book in many ways from its first incarnation.

I have gotten a lot of feedback over the years, both positive and some incredibly negative. At the time, the negative feedback would make me shake! However, at the same time, I could see the intelligence of the things people were saying who were disappointed with the book and have actually reflected on their words many times over the last five years. I have also since read and watched many, many murder mysteries, studying the art of building a complex mystery. Hopefully, I’ve gotten more of a hang of this craft and will be able to make this story a more complex and intriguing mystery. I need to mention that I feel particularly indebted to two certain mystery authors, John Burdett (Bangkok 8, Vulture Peak) and to Seicho Matsumoto (Inspector Imanishi Investigates, Points and Lines) in the sense that both authors write wonderful real characters, inspiring prose, and skillfull, enjoyable as hell mysteries.

Then there’s the emotional development. I have also kept in mind the people who have loved His Beautiful Samurai for the romance between the two heroes and only endeavor to make that aspect of the book richer as well. Both Toshi and John are more three-dimensional in the newer version as I rework it since I’ve gotten to know the two of them better as well and I really hope that will come through. Anyway, thanks for reading this and please come back because I will post a snippet from the new version as soon as I get it up to par. I will also keep you all posted as to when the new shiny version of His Beautiful Samurai will be released. Take care and hope you’re having a great day. Warmly, Sedonia

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Now in Trade Paperback! Lady of Two Lairds by Sedonia Guillone

Lady of Two Lairds
Author: Sedonia Guillone
Genre: Menage a trois; Historical
eISBN: 978-1-937796-01-3
Length: Novel
MSRP: 8.49 | You pay: 5.49
ISBN: 978-1937796068
Trade paperback: 11.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

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Trade paperback from Amazon

Leda MacGregor has harbored a secret love for the handsome laird Duncan since she was sixteen. When he blames her for his wife’s death, she turns to his brother Ian for comfort and finds her heart capable of loving two men.

Ian MacGregor finds his heart captured by Leda, his childhood friend. He desires her more powerfully than any other woman he has ever known. However, he is torn between the desire of his heart and the course his life must take. When he is finally free to love Leda, she is torn from him by a cruel deception.

Duncan MacGregor learns the powerful force of forgiveness from Leda and over time, grows to love her and desire her in a way he never thought possible. When his brother breaks her heart, he takes her for his own. When fate brings Ian back, he still loves Leda…

One woman. Two ruggedly handsome highlanders. She loves them both. Fortunately, they are willing to share her…

Publisher’s note: This book is previously published.



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