Now Available: Santa-San (A Japanese Christmas in Hawaii) by A.J. Llewellyn

Santa-San (A Japanese Christmas in Hawaii)
Author: A.J. Llewellyn
Genre: Gay Romance, M/M Romance, Holiday
Length: Novella
Price: 1.99 USD

Cover art: Louca Matheo

Buy from: Amazon Kindle|BN Nook|Kobo Books|Google Play

From Eppie Award Finalist A.J. Llewellyn comes a toe-curling M/M romance for the holidays!

Koh Timura returns home to Honolulu for the holidays. It’s the first time he’s celebrated Christmas since his mother’s death years earlier. But unemployment and dealing with his stubborn dad and his extremely young stepmother doesn’t make Koh feel especially merry and bright. His Japanese-born father is a traditionalist who likes to celebrate with the old country ways of doing things—fried chicken on the table and Santa-San bringing gifts to all.

But Koh soon learns that everybody deals with pain and loss in different ways. As he adjusts to being back in the islands, he encounters Adam Takagawa, the guy he loved all through high school. Will their passion flare again? Can some things broken really be fixed? Is sad and lonely Koh due a Christmas miracle after all?


On Christmas Day, he awoke to Santa Claus banging at his front door. Or, as every Japanese child called him, Santa-san.

“Adam?” he tried to peer beyond the beard as he roused himself from sleep to open the door.

“Of course not. Don’t you recognize Santa-san when you see him?”

“Am I allowed to interfere with your person?” Koh asked.

“What? Do you hate Christmas or something? I am Santa-san, and I have gifts for the children. Ho! Ho! Ho!” Adam dropped his voice. “There’s a special one for you if you’re a very good boy.”

“How special?”

“I’ve booked us a room at the Royal Hawaiian. Two nights.” He gyrated his hips. “Santa-san wants to get his horizontal hula on with you, Koh.”

“That sounds like a swell plan. And I bought new underpants, too!”

“I planned on you being naked. Do you want to come with me to deliver some presents?”

“Sure. Wait. You mean, naked?”

“Of course not. Santa-san is an elegant man. He wants you naked for when you are alone together. I think that would be a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. Don’t you?”

“Well sure. And where are we going?”

“Santa-san’s helpers aren’t supposed to ask questions. They’re supposed to obey.”

“Wait!” a voice shouted from behind Koh.

He turned to see his father brandishing the gaudiest, brightest, reddest aloha shirt he’d ever seen. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the red ‘apapane bird all over it and recognized the fabric as one of his mother’s hand-stretched cottons.

It had been her favorite bird. She’d created the image of the ‘apapane for puzzles, fabrics, and greeting cards. With her death, those plans evaporated. But the bird was here, like the one at the airport, urging him, begging him to help her finish her dreams.

“You must wear this. You promised,” his father said.

Koh nodded. He would wear it. With honor.

…“Ho, ho, ho!” Adam said.

“Kurisumasu Omedeto.” Koh’s father wished Santa-san a Merry Christmas in Japanese.

“Kurisumasu Omedeto,” Santa-san responded. He added, “Gozaimasu,” which indicated respect. If Koh hadn’t loved Adam madly before this, he did now.

“I love you,” Koh said in Santa-san’s ear, cupping his butt cheek the moment his father’s back was turned.

Santa-san looked taken aback, but followed Koh into his bedroom.

“Look what you did to me!” He pointed to the tent in his Santa pants. “And I have two children’s hospital wards and the youth crisis center to take care of.”

“Let me help you.” Koh locked his door.

“Oh, no. I think you’re about to do something rude to Santa-san.”

“Of course I am.” Koh sank to his knees and felt very naughty unbuckling the big, black plastic belt around Santa-san’s waist. He unbuttoned the bright red pants.

Santa-san was commando!

“Bad, bad, Santa.” Koh looked up at him.

“Only a little bit.” Santa-san pulled up his pants. “You can have me later.”

Koh held him to his promise during a long, but wonderful day. Koh loved every moment spent eating fried chicken, ambrosia salad, sweet potato hash, braised broccoli and green beans, not to mention the creamiest strawberry shortcake to ever pass his lips.

But nothing beat the moment he was alone with Adam in his room and the speed with which they undressed each other…

About Sedonia Guillone

Pubished author of lgbt and m/f romance. Ghostwriter and editor with fifteen years' experience. Publisher of two imprints, Ai Press for romance and Kokoro Press for mainstream, gay fiction, spiritual and memoirs.
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