Now Available: Peridot Dreams (A Wizard in Waikiki, Book 2) by A.J. Llewellyn

Peridot Dreams
Author: A.J. Llewellyn
Series: A Wizard in Waikiki Book Two
Previous Book: A Wizard in Waikiki
Genre: Gay Romance
Imprint: Ai Press
Length: Novella
eISBN: 978-1-937796-66-2
Price: 2.99 USD

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Cover art: Les Byerley

Tall, dark, magical and ready for a lifetime commitment…or is he? When Kono is transported back to ancient Hawaii, his lover from that time has been waiting for him. Konu must clear the confusion in his heart. Jason in the present or Loho?

Ancient Tahitian wizard Konu has settled into daily life in Waikiki, Hawaii. Entrusted with a sacred mission to bring healing and hope to the islands, he begins to grieve his past more and more. Ripped away five hundred years ago from his lover, Loho, he has found a new relationship with Jason, who runs a local homeless shelter. But things are not easy. Jason is stressed, busy and not easy to connect with.

Things take a strange turn when Konu finds himself in old Waikiki as it was five hundred years ago. There is Loho waiting for him. Konu wants nothing more than to be in his lover’s arms, but he loves Jason, too. Then a young girl vanishes, having followed Konu into the mystical realm. Her disappearance causes a great spiritual catastrophe only Konu can avert, but how does he get back inside those beautiful, brilliant, peridot dreams?

Publisher’s note: Peridot Dreams was previously published. It has been edited for re-release with Ai Press.


It made Konu feel sad sometimes that the one thing he wanted in this life, apart from Jason, was his horse and he had nowhere to keep him.

“Mingo and I have already filed a case with the state. Oh, God, Konu. You drive me crazy.”
“Is that good or bad?”

“Both. I fucking want you all the time.”

“That’s good.” Konu reached out for a plum from the koa wood bowl on the table. “I want you all the time, too.”

“Don’t start. When you look at me…” Jason shook his head. “I’ve got stress this morning, babe.”

“If I sucked your cock you’d feel better.”

“No!” Jason shrieked. “If you do that I’ll never leave this house.”

Konu stared at him. “I would find that delightful.”

Jason ran a hand through his hair. “Not now, babe. God…”

Konu watched the way Jason fielded the phone calls and text messages.

He waited until Jason stopped talking. “Mingo McCloud thinks I have a very good case for…what does he call it?”

“Immigration asylum.”


Jason said nothing. He poured more coffee.

“When I have this, when I have this… formality, will you marry me?”

“We’ll discuss it.” Jason was busy tapping text messages into his phone. It hurt Konu that Jason wouldn’t say yes. He didn’t know what else to say. He went for the truth.

“Is the I.D. the only reason you won’t say yes?”

Jason smiled again. “One of them. Listen, I’m crazy about you, but this five hundred years old schtick is a little freaky. Then there’s what you did to Lionel.”

“I didn’t do anything to Lionel.”

“You told him he was going to die.”

“And I was right. If he hadn’t been to a doctor he would never have known how deadly the tumor is. I could have fixed it, but he didn’t want me to.”

Suddenly, Konu was enjoying his coffee a whole lot less. Why was Jason so angry with him?

“You have this gift and it’s wonderful…” Jason let out a ragged sigh. “You just have to learn how to be more…circumspect in the modern world.”

“What is circumspect? Does that have anything to do with your cut penis?”

Jason laughed. “No, you Neanderthal, it doesn’t. It means you should be a little more cautious… be a little less honest with people.”


Jason leaned on the table with both elbows. “Talking to you is like talking to a kid.”

“Listen, things are confusing for me, too,” Konu said. “This new world is weird. Flushing toilets…buses, cars, hair dyes, perfumes. Pants that have zippers. Now these I totally dislike.”

“You dislike zippers? Why?”

“Because I fumble with them and I want so badly to be able to suck your cock.”

“Dear God,” Jason said, putting his face in his hands. “And you’ve got to stop saying stuff like that in front of people.”


“Because it’s too much. This is private information.”

This confused Konu who had been taught honesty in all things. “Okay,” he said, trying to find a compromise. ”I can work on that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to suck your cock.”
Jason gave him a solemn look. “Glad to hear it.”

“See, there are things I dislike about the modern world but do I blame you?” Konu lifted his hands, as if in surrender. “No, I don’t. So you shouldn’t blame me for coming from a different time and times.”

“Fair enough.” Jason drained his coffee. “I have to drive over to Ewa Beach before sunrise. I have Child Protective Services meeting me there for a surprise dawn raid on the new families.”

“Okay.” Konu was desperate. He didn’t want to part for the day without some hope of marriage with Jason. “Mingo McCloud’s getting married,” he said.

“Yes, sweetheart, I know. But he and Francois have been together a long time and besides, they have Francois’ son living with them. That’s a different situation.”

“How long should we be together before we get married?”

“I don’t know.” Jason sounded exasperated. “I have to jump into the shower and get ready. If you promise to be good and not get naughty, we can shower together.”

“If I must.” Konu’s face must have reflected the misery he felt. Jason moved out of his seat and came to him. Konu pulled the man onto his lap and kissed him. Jason squirmed at first, but with Konu’s hand tugging gently on Jason’s cock, it was evidently hard for Jason to keep up his stern expression. He began to gasp.

Konu’s cock hardened against his lover’s wonderful ass cheeks and he would have loved to fuck him, but he decided sucking Jason’s cock would relieve some of his stress and send him out the door with a smile on his face.

He picked Jason up and propped him on the kitchen table, Jason’s knees hugging Konu’s head. His legs and ass opened up to Konu who began with a long slow lick across Jason’s ass cheeks, along his ass crack and to his balls, which for some reason Jason always shaved. Konu wasn’t sure it was a bad thing since it made the ball sac look so huge. He tugged with gentle lips on first one ball, then the other. He moved back to Jason’s ass which smelled and tasted of Konu. They had, after all, been making love all night.

Jason started to make a racket.

“Oh, my God,” he said over and over, leaning back, feeding his balls and ass to Konu, who knew Jason’s body so well now that he knew the right moment to pull back and find another sensitive spot to pleasure. He licked along Jason’s inner thighs, his lover jerking underneath him. Jason suddenly grabbed Konu’s head and shoved his cock into his mouth. Konu could hardly breathe the way Jason was humping him, but he didn’t care. Jason was close to coming. He worked on breathing each time he came back up as he sucked Jason’s huge, rigid shaft and plunged back down again.

He decided to make his lover wait. Jason went berserk, hollering when Konu picked him up and carried him down the hallway into the bathroom.


About Sedonia Guillone

Pubished author of lgbt and m/f romance. Ghostwriter and editor with fifteen years' experience. Publisher of two imprints, Ai Press for romance and Kokoro Press for mainstream, gay fiction, spiritual and memoirs.
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