Now Available: Bed of Cole’s

perf5.000x8.000.inddBed of Cole’s
Author Jyll Stonecypher
Genre: M/M; Contemporary
Length: Novella
eISBN: 978-1-937796-23-5
MSRP: 5.99
You pay: 3.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

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Can a hot summer of lust turn into something more?

Mark Unger always steered clear of male relationships while at Michigan State University. He was just not ready to explore his sexual side. When his father kicks him out, he is forced to re-examine his privileged and easy life. He now has nowhere to live and very little money. His plans for a relaxing summer on the beaches of Lake Michigan are dashed now. His mother quickly finds him a low paying job as a stable hand but at least it has room and board benefits. With his parents soon departing on a European vacation, he is on his own in a rural environment he didn’t ask for. What he didn’t count on was meeting the man who stirs desire in him he can’t ignore.

Cole Denton lives quietly on the grounds of Maple Hill stables. He’s gay, but not out of the closet by any means. His life has not been easy, an early stint in the Navy, followed by construction jobs. While not perfect, his handyman job at Maple Hill is easier than some things he’s done for a living. When he meets Maple Hill’s newest employee, he gets a raging hard on that won’t quit. Being in close quarters on a daily basis with Mark will be like throwing gasoline on a fire. Their two lives soon intertwine. A hot summer of love and lust awaits them, surging and washing over them like the gentle waves of Lake Michigan. Will their relationship last, or will it wither like Maple H ill’s fall leaves?


Mark pedaled the black mountain bike briskly up the lane heading to the riding complex’s north end. The two-lane dirt path was pounded completely flat by vehicle tires, so it was a smooth ride. He slowed down when some young riders passed him, presumably heading out to the meadow with an instructor. With his earlier disaster, he didn’t want to cause any more disturbances. The horses eyed him curiously, but they were not spooked, so they kept on their single-file trek.
He couldn’t very well argue with Sally when she said to get the bike from the garden shed and dust it off. She said it wouldn’t make as much noise as his car and scare the horses. He couldn’t remember when he last rode a bike, probably at the age of sixteen. He got a sneaking feeling that she expected him to use the bike every day. There wasn’t much use arguing, and it was probably a good idea since the Corvette was low on gas. Besides, pedaling beat walking in the early summer sunshine.

Pulling up to the only house in sight, he hopped off the bike and set the kickstand. He looked at the weathered two-story house covered in gray siding and tried to decide where the front entrance was. Then he heard sounds of water splashing coming from around the corner.
Walking around a lush weeping willow tree, he saw the back of a man. He recognized the black curly hair as Cole’s. Cole, not hearing him, began slowly peeling his denim shirt, soaked with sweat. His back muscles rippled, and Mark stared at his breathtaking tanned skin. Wide V-shaped shoulders tapered down into a slim waist. Cole had started running the water hose into a wooden barrel on his deck. He flipped the shirt across the rail and then unzipped his jeans. Tugging them off, he stood wearing only briefs. He pulled those off, too, showing a perfectly rounded ass. No spare fat showed on his taut body.

Transfixed, Mark could not pull himself from the spot by the willow tree. He stepped back into the shadows, feeling the swishing leaf-laden branches cover him, a natural camo. I shouldn’t watch like this, but I can’t look away.

Cole stopped the flow of water and removed the hose. He proceeded to pull a small plastic bucket from the barrel and began dousing himself with what Mark guessed was sun-warmed water. Shutting his eyes, Cole turned sideways and let the water slowly sluice over his head, run down onto his neck and chest, and drip into his pubic hair.

His cock was huge, chunky looking, and uncircumcised. The water coated his foreskin and made it shimmer in the light. A droplet caught the end and dangled dangerously. Cole was a muscular late-twenties male, not pale-skinned like the thin college boys Mark had briefly glimpsed in the showers when they thought no one was looking. While they provided titillation for him, Cole’s naked body was a veritable feast.

He reached into the barrel and filled another bucket. His biceps bulged as he lifted the bucket out. Dumping water over himself, he shook his head, flinging silvery drops everywhere onto the deck. Rivulets ran down over his six-pack, mercury gone wild, momentarily swirling in his perfectly shaped navel.

Frightened for a second that he would be seen, Mark stepped back farther into the tree’s cover. He could feel an involuntary erection begin to strain against his briefs. He shifted his weight and tugged at his waistband a bit to relieve the pressure.

Now Cole ran his fingers through his hair. Turning again, he dipped another bucket. He jackknifed his body into an L shape and poured the third bucket onto his back. Water now ran across his head and down his ass crack at the same time, dribbling off his balls. Mark caught his breath.

Suddenly, a phone rang inside the house. Cole heard it, flipped the bucket into the barrel and straightened up. He grabbed a white towel that hung over a half-opened door and wrapped it around his waist. Reaching into the doorway, he took a receiver off a phone apparently hanging on the wall just inside.

He started speaking to someone and turned his back to the tree. Seizing his chance, Mark slid out from his hiding spot and walked back to his bike. Tugging his shirttail from his shorts waistband, he arranged the linen material to cover his ever growing cock.

Regaining his composure, he walked around to the other side of the house and up the three steps and knocked on the door. Through an open window, he heard Cole’s footsteps approaching and sucked in a deep breath.

“Here I come,” Cole’s voice came out through the window screens. “Hold your horses.”

Yanking the door open, he stood covered in a threadbare bath towel. His hair looked longer now that it was water soaked. Unruly curls of chest hair reached his collarbone, still moist from the rinsing they had just received. Water spotted on the throw rug he stood on. Mark swallowed mightily before he could speak.

“Sorry to interrupt you, but Sally sent me to check in with you.”

Cole’s blue eyes bored a hole through Mark’s façade. If he knew he had been watched, he didn’t let on. His face was a stony mask.

Not a good way to start the afternoon, Mark thought. Oh hell, I brought it on myself. Let the chips fall where they may. I doubt he knew I was watching.

He couldn’t stop staring at Cole’s body. Whether or not Cole knew it, the towel was so thin it stuck to the wet skin, his muscles clearly outlined. Tightly tucked around his waist, it delineated his perfect hips and outer thighs. Skimpy on material, it stopped above his knees. A simple tug would cause it to fall to the floor.

“I guess it’s obvious I was rinsing off. I was just on the back deck. My clothes were so sweaty I wanted to put dry ones on before I went back to the stable. You know, after chasing down a horse that got out ‘cause someone left the gate open.”

Mark’s cheeks burned. “Oh yeah. Sorry about that.”

Cole winked. “No problem. Just busting your chops a bit.” He turned on his heel and left the door open. I guess I’m supposed to come on in.

About Sedonia Guillone

Pubished author of lgbt and m/f romance. Ghostwriter and editor with fifteen years' experience. Publisher of two imprints, Ai Press for romance and Kokoro Press for mainstream, gay fiction, spiritual and memoirs.
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