Now Available: Embraced by the Sun

Embraced by the Sun
Author: Mya
Genre: M/M; Paranormal; Multi-cultural
Length: Super-novel
eISBN: 9781937796020
MSRP: 8.99
You pay: 5.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

Buy from: Amazon Kindle or read free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

How hot could Micah get? How cold could Peter make him? When fire and ice collide, two sorcerers cannot resist the pull of destiny…

Peter Fitzgerald has always depended on others to keep him in check. Engaged to be married, he and his friends go to St. Maarten for one last week of bachelor fun. Except…when Peter meets Micah Deus, a fire sorcerer who ignites his desire and awakens his latent powers, Peter loses what restraint he thought he had. An inner force Peter thought he could tame refuses to remain begins to manifest as power over ice.

As Peter struggles to come to grips with his overwhelming passion for Micah, curious friends and an expectant fiancée, his dominant side grows focused and dangerous. His desire to unleash his will upon everything and everyone around him threatens to explode and only one man can tame him! Will Peter surrender to the fire sorcerer who rules his heart and body? Or will he allow his temper to freeze them both? Or…is there another force—read dark mage—that could threaten Peter and Micah’s lives as well as the entire world?


As the intense Caribbean sun hit his nude body, Peter stood defiant. The searing hot water of the pool did little to faze him either as he plunged down into it with an artfully clean dive into the turquoise depth. It took only seconds for him to adjust to the temperature, and in that time he swam to the surface right beside Micah.
Micah bobbed in the water, his black dreadlocks sparkling with droplets. “Let me guess, you don’t know the first thing about sex with a man?”

And you don’t know the first thing about me. Peter made his way over to Micah, seizing his hot body by the waist.
He didn’t want to hear another taunting word. Dragging Micah down beneath the water’s surface, Peter smothered Micah’s mocking mouth with a kiss. The freedom he had been previously denied was forgotten in the weightless environment.

His hands roamed as they pleased over solid limbs, rounded curves and tight muscle. It meant nothing that Micah had masculine parts. Peter wasn’t touching Micah so much as savoring the feel of warm flesh.

It was if Micah’s body were his possession, his toy to play with. Even underwater, he could feel the heat, the tremors and the excitement that he caused.

Micah’s hands explored his body as well, in far more intimate ways than he had ever experienced. Peter had never quite had his ass handled in the way that Micah did it—gripped and squeezed—but that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

It was the sensation of rubbing his cock against Micah’s that really sent shudders down his spine, caused him to lose his battle against the greater element. Not fire, but water. When he brought Micah to the surface, he was a phoenix surrounded by fire.

Micah floated back and ducked beneath the water’s surface, but it did little to quash the flames around him.

Surrounding Peter’s shoulders, keeping him locked in a vertical position, was a small prison of ice. It melted swiftly as Micah came near looking like a fiery predator.

Peter would not be prey, not even to the depths of the pool. Swimming backwards, he found the shallow edge, just as the pursuant blaze engulfed him, crashed into him.

He waited, bracing himself against the wall for Micah’s onslaught. He accepted Micah’s branding kisses, welcomed the blaze of heat that would have maimed and killed any normal being. The licks of searing flame did not bother him, just as the bright white patches of frost did not bother Micah along his back and shoulders, his neck.

The hand that moved between them and took hold of Peter’s cock was another thing entirely. A hot, firm hold upon his cock drew tremors from his body. “Yeah…Do that…” Peter commanded.

Micah murmured into Peter’s throat. He squeezed his hand around the girth of Peter’s shaft, drawing his palm down to the bulbous head and back up again. “What? Stroke your cock?”

“Yes. Do that. Stroke my fucking cock.” God, he had never said such a thing to Alison, yet for Micah, the demand was easily given and just as easily obeyed. He braced himself against the rim of the pool, leaned his head back and played at being spoiled. He urged Micah on, “Tighter…ummm…faster…”

Despite the fact that Micah obeyed, Peter held no delusions of who was in control of the situation. Micah’s hands were like a precious gift, the heat of them, the softness added with the strength were nothing that he could thrust against. He tried to set some sort of pace, but the rhythm belonged solely to his dark lover.

He wanted to think he could hold out, that the rippling, brutish jolts shaking his frame, causing him to gasp and choke, were things he could tamp down. Yet Micah’s experience easily mastered him. Micah brought him to the cusp of orgasm, stilled his breath within his throat. Even after Micah released his cock, Peter was unable to control his breathing.

Micah found fascination with Peter’s balls. Micah’s hands reached beneath Peter’s turgid cock to fondle his balls.

Peter was lost. Micah’s touch wasn’t ginger or hesitant, it was the touch of a man who owned a pair and knew just how harshly they could be handled, where to press and how to roll them. The caress itself was definitely supernatural and definitely more than he could take.

Finding Micah’s shoulders, Peter braced himself. The sweet convulsions coming upon him were too much to bear without support. He came in forceful jets beneath the blue water, panting like a bull against Micah’s chest.

Micah relaxed his hold, soothing Peter’s sensitive genitals with caresses. Despite the evidence of his own desire, he buried his face and sighed in the hollow of Peter’s shoulder.
It took more than a few minutes before Peter could speak again, before he could even focus his vision. “Hmm…that was good.”

Micah leaned in and kissed him. “Yeah? You calmer now?”

He was definitely satiated, although how long it would last remained to be seen. Yielding to Micah’s softer more leisurely kisses, he was still recovering from his first orgasm but already thoughts of his next one were dancing at the corners of his mind. “For the moment, I am.”

“Glad to have been a help, then, straight boy…”

About Sedonia Guillone

Pubished author of lgbt and m/f romance. Ghostwriter and editor with fifteen years' experience. Publisher of two imprints, Ai Press for romance and Kokoro Press for mainstream, gay fiction, spiritual and memoirs.
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